Cross-Device Video Player

Advanced and customizable cross-device video player.

Display your video content and ads with our HTML5 player that runs on all devices. Be prepared for new advertising technology standards with our VAST 3.0 support and VPAID compliance. We also support less conventional delivery methods such as Outstream Video Advertising.

Video Player

Take advantage of the latest video web technology and display your content and ads on all devices. Thanks to our high-quality infrastructure based on HTTP/2, you can rest assured that viewing your video content is fast and reliable.

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Outstream Video Ads

Start monetizing video ads on pages without video content. Our player expands between paragraphs when scrolled into view, collapses after the ad finishes playing or is skipped.

Audio Player

Do you use audio files on your website? We have an advanced audio player for you – with video ad capability. The player automatically recognizes when to expand and collapse the video playback window. Check out the audio player with video ads below.

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Adaptive bitrate reduces your costs

HLS adaptive bitrate technology ensures that video quality adapts to the connection speed and size of the player window. At the same time, it is significantly more efficient in terms of caching.

Maximum quality

User streams video at maximum quality.

Less costs

You pay less for video streaming bandwidth.

Adaptive bitrate reduces your costs
Ad Industry Standards Compliance

Be ready to fully utilize the potential of your digital advertising. Caroda meets Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards for video advertising – VAST 3.0, VPAID, and VMAP.

Integrate with your existing campaigns

Avoid confusing and unreliable ad redirects and passbacks, and use our state of the art priority settings together with VAST advertising and more.

Fast Implementation

All you need to do is to place one line of our code into your website, and you are ready to go live.

Social Media Integration

Get more video viewers organically by using embedded social media buttons inside the Caroda player.

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Display video content and ads with our HTML5 player today.


See the most asked questions below.

Can the player be skinned?

Yes. You can skin the player so it looks just how you like it. We can also build a custom skin for you.

What are the possible video resolutions and bitrates?

To provide maximum compatibility, we automatically transcode videos into standards such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p. You can also choose custom resolution profiles.