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Best place to manage your instream & outstream ad sources.

Sell your instream and outstream inventory directly and programmatically. We will track every interaction with the player so you can manage your yield effectively. Use your favourite Adserver and SSPs and increase your revenue with advanced campaign targeting.

Monetize Each View

Online video ads are one of the most valuable formats for advertisers and agencies. Get the most out of your video content with pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Also utilize ad pods, which allow multiple ads to be placed in one ad break. Caroda’s outstream video ads will bring you high revenue, even for pages without any video content. Start selling directly and programmatically with Caroda’s trusted Supply Side Platform partners.

Advanced Targeting

Increase your ad revenue with targeting using video content categories and keywords. You can also target campaigns based on the browser, country, device, language, media type, operating system, and size of the player. You can place different ad sources in different sizes of player. For example, you can use programmatic selling for a small player on the homepage and direct selling for bigger players placed in other sections of the site. Or target with a small player on cell phones and larger players on tablets and desktops.

Seamless adserver & SSP integration

Continue to use your adserver for convenient management of your video inventory. Easily integrate with multiple SSPs directly or via your adserver.

Profit without video content with Outstream

Start monetizing video ads on pages without video content. Our player expands between paragraphs and collapses after the ad ends or is skipped.

Comprehensive Campaign Tracking

Comprehensive Campaign Tracking

Track every move of your viewer with Caroda’s campaign tracking. We track all VAST events such as impressions, click, skip, progress of viewed ad, fullscreen, mute, and more. View the rate of completion, ad skips, or full-screen impressions for both instream and outstream video. Make intelligent, data-driven decisions based on the high resolution insight provided by our adaptive dashboard. Send all tracking information to your Adserver and programmatic ecosystem with the option of advertiser and agency tracking.

VAST compliant video ad tracking

Ad context events for real fill rate measurement

Tracking integration with you adserver

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