Video Content Platform

Simple, efficient, intuitive.

Simply upload your video content and we will take care of transcoding, storing, serving, and tracking. Adaptive bitrate technology will adjust video quality to reduce your costs while maximizing the user experience.

Transcoding, storing, and serving

We transcode your uploaded videos into industry standards that run on all devices. Our cloud storage and CDN will keep your videos safe and accessible on a very large scale.

Campaign priority settings

For multiple ad sources, we provide custom campaign priority settings. You can explicitly define which ad source is prioritized over others by its price floor.

CMS Integration

Do you want to manage videos in your current CMS? No problem! We provide convenient integration for a variety of content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and many more. We can integrate with virtually any other website. Once integration is done, uploading a video is just a matter of clicking “upload video” in your CMS. Your current workflow remains unchanged.

Automatic migration

It couldn’t be easier. Just insert the Caroda script into the page header. Your old, outdated player will be replaced by the Caroda player. Video content will be uploaded into Caroda cloud storage, transcoded, and served by a high-performance CDN. You can even choose which videos you want to migrate by using glob patterns.​


Video Content Management

Organize your videos in collections and tag them according to their content. Evaluate performance with our adaptive dashboard, and optimize your video content to get more viewers and an improved viewer experience.

Video Content Management

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See the most asked questions below.

What if I want a player in a specific spot on a website?

No problem! We provide custom integration for both instream and outstream solutions. You can pick any spot on your website.

Can I integrate statistics with a custom monitoring service?

Yes, of course. We provide the option for third party monitoring integration.