Better online video delivery
and monetization in minutes

No more headaches from outages, overloads, integration, and complicated industry standards. Save time, effort, and money and leave all the video technology and computing to us. It’s as simple as plug and play.

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Video content platform

Simply upload your video content and we will take care of transcoding, storing, serving, and tracking. Adaptive bitrate technology will adjust video quality to reduce your costs while maximizing the user experience.

Cross device video player

Display your video content and ads with our HTML5 player that runs on all devices. Be prepared for new advertising technology standards with our VAST 3.0 support and VPAID compliance. We also support less conventional delivery methods such as Outstream Video Advertising.

Selling point for publishers

Sell your instream and outstream inventory directly and programmatically. We will track every interaction with the player so you can manage your yield effectively. Use your favourite Adserver and SSPs and increase your revenue with advanced campaign targeting.

We give publishers unbiased ad tech, full control and effortless integration.


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David Bauckmann, CTO | Impression Media

We appreciate Caroda’s flexibility and speed in implementing our requests. They also help us increase the monetization of websites we represent.

David Bauckmann, CTO | Impression Media
Vlastimír Havlíček, Project Manager | Lagardere

Caroda gave us the ability to use programmatic video advertising and improved the user experience at by streaming our video content using an adaptive bitrate.

Vlastimír Havlíček, Project Manager | Lagardere

Why you should pick Caroda?

Easy integration

Simply add one line of code to your website and we take care of the rest. We handle the details of integration, such as testing compatibility with your website, even if you’re already using video technology or are new to the business.

Full control

We are an independent and unbiased video ad technology provider, focusing on maximizing yield from video ads for publishers regardless of the ad source. You have full control.

Multiple ad sources for higher revenue

No more unreliable passbacks between different ad sources. With us you can have multiple ad sources in one player and custom campaign priority settings – which can increase the ad fill rate and profit by a large margin to publishers. This applies to both instream and outstream solutions. You can achieve an even higher fill rate with display ads.

Adaptive bitrate reduces your costs

HLS adaptive bitrate technology ensures that video quality adapts to the connection speed and size of the player window. The user can stream video at maximum quality and you pay less for video streaming bandwidth.

The video ad tech tool is proven to
be able to give more than 85% outstream fill rate.